How do I Remove a Transom Mount Transducer From a Boat

If they didn't tie wrap it to the harness inside the boat it's relatively easy.

  1. Unplug the transducer from the back of the depth gauge.
  2. Attach a pull string just behind the plug (nylon cord works great).
  3. Wrap the plug/string with electrical tape to make the transition smooth.
  4. Lubricate the electrical tape with soap.
  5. Pull the cable from the where it goes through the hull.
  6. Remove the transducer from the outside of hull and pull the cable/string out.
  7. Make sure you affix the pull string at the dash and transom to prevent it from getting lost inside the boat.  
  8. To install a new transducer, just reverse the steps above.


  • If at anytime you get hung up, don't jerk the cable. Use a steady pulling motion.
  • If you can check for tie wraps beforehand you will save yourself a lot of time/frustration.
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