Glue-In Transducer Instructions

In most boats the standard transom mount transducer can be glued in hull.

Glue-in mounting is suitable for the following vessels:
• High speed boats to increase the performance of the depth sounder.
• Trailer boats to prevent accidental damage to the transducer from trailering.
• Shallow draft boats to prevent accidental damage to the transducer from intentional or unintentional ground.
• NON-CORED hulls or aluminum hulls thinner than 1/8”.
• Inboard vessels that have a lot of running gear that creates significant turbulence.

Glue-in mounting of the transducer is NOT suitable for all vessels. You MUST test the glue-in location on the water prior to using epoxy to permanently affix it to the hull. If you cannot obtain satisfactory readings during on water testing you will need to transom mount the transducer, or switch to a custom transducer.

Watch the youtube video showing the installation and adjustment process:


Finally, review the attached manual.  

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