The VirtuView™ display on your Fish Finder depicts bottom structure with a series of rock indicators.  If the species that you are targeting prefers to ambush prey as per the above Fishing Tip, pay close attention to the bottom structure indicators when searching for fish.  

A. No rock indicators identify a structure less bottom. This depicts a bottom that is most likely sandy or muddy with no debris or contour.   A good habitat for some fish, but not very desirable for ambush feeders.

B. One Rock Indicator identifies limited structure.  You would most likely find a small rock, a small pile of rocks, or uneven bottom contour. This is not a bad place for hiding fish, but due to the limited amount of structure, there may not be a lot. 

C. Two Rock Indicators identifies a considerable amount of bottom structure, but scattered.  A considerable amount of time needs to be spent fishing this area as each piece of structure could be hiding a prize catch. 

D. Three Rock Indicators indicates a large amount of bottom structure in a confined area.  This bottom may consist of a large rock(s), stump(s), tree(s), or a ledge(s). 

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