The data on the FishTrax™ 1X’s screen is purposefully moving at a constant speed, scrolling from the right to the left.  The incoming signals are displayed sequentially scrolling from the right side of the screen to the left. The right side displays what the FishTrax™ sees in that instant, and this data scrolls to the left giving you a depiction of what you have passed over.  The scrolling speed can be easily changed, making it easy for the user to find a comfortable setting. 


When the scroll speed is set to high, the FishTrax™ sonar will deliver quicker, less detailed data to the VirtuView™ display.  A lower scroll rate setting will allow the FishTrax™ sonar to deliver more detailed returns to the VirtuView™ display.   


Slowing the Scroll Rate will help to conserve battery life and increase the useful life of your batteries.   

To Adjust the Display Scroll Speed: 

1. Press and release the   button 2 times (MENU II will appear at the top of the screen)  

2. Press and release thebutton until “Screen” is highlighted. 

3. Press and release the  to expand the Screen Menu. 

4. Press and release thebutton until “Chart Speed” is highlighted. 

5. Press and release thebutton to increase the Chart Speed, pressto decrease the Chart Speed. 

       • Press and release the  to save the adjustment and exit the Screen Adjustment Settings.  

       • Press and release the V | ESC button to cancel the adjustment and exit the Screen Adjustment Settings. 

6. Press and release the V | ESC button 3 times to exit the menu and return to the fish finder mode. 

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