To achieve the best performance for ice fishing, you should cut a hole through the ice and place the sonar sensor directly in the water like the illustration to the right.

If you would like to check the area for depth or fish before cutting the hole, please follow steps 1 – 4 below precisely.    

1. Clear away snow to expose the ice surface. 

2. Place a small amount of liquid water on the ice and set the sonar sensor on the water allowing the Sonar Sensor to freeze to the ice.  

3. If there are any air pockets between the sonar sensor and ice, or the water below the ice, the fish finder will not work properly and will require you to try another spot, or cut a hole in the ice to use.  You can also use the instructions in the  “USING THE FISH FINDER THROUGH A BOAT HULL” section.  Be certain not to allow the water to freeze around the sensor if you use the “plastic bag” method. 

4. To remove the sonar sensor from the frozen ice, gently tap the sonar sensor at the base with your hand.  If it will not come loose, spray a small amount of water on the ice surface around the base and repeat this step until the sonar sensor is easily removed. 

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