Installing the Batteries: 

1. Using a flat head screw driver, turn the screws on the battery cover counter clockwise to loosen. 

2. Lift the battery door off the display housing. 

3. Install 4 “AAA” batteries. Be certain to align the batteries as per the diagram within the battery compartment. 

4. Reinstall the battery cover completely by reversing these steps.  


Connecting the Sonar Sensor Cable: 

1. Align the pins on the sonar sensor cable plug with the plug on the display. 

2. Firmly press the two plugs together until the red o-ring on the display connector is squashed between the plugs. 

3. 3. Tighten the locking nut on the display plug until it is snug by turning it clockwise.  Finger tighten only, do not use tools. 



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