The FishTrax™ 1C incorporates three operating modes.  To change the Operating Mode press and release the or buttons.   

A. Fish Finder:  In addition to measuring the overall depth of the water, this mode depicts the presence of fish in the water column and shows the bottom contour and composition. 

B. Data Mode: This mode overlays large numbers over the fish finder display showing Depth, Temperature and Battery Voltage.       

C. Ice-Mode Digital Flasher:  This mode gives you a real time view of the FishTrax™ sonar echoes.  Compared to the Fish Finder mode, the flasher shows what's happening below you right at that moment,  whereas the fish finder mode shows you the sonar returns from the past (a historical image of what has happened).   

On the flasher screen you'll see the surface, the bottom, and “blips” that indicate echoes. When a fish enters or moves through the cone of the sonar beam a “blip” will appear. Generally the darker the “blip”, the longer the fish stayed in the beam.  This mode is very helpful at allowing you to set your bait at the exact depth of the fish in the water column, therefore significantly increasing your catch rate.   


Fish Finder Mode

Data Mode

Ice-Mode Digital Flasher

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