The FishTrax™ 1X allows you to adjust the display contrast to improve readability in a variety of lighting condition.   

To Adjust the Display Contrast: 

1. Press and release the   button 2 times (MENU II will appear at the top of the screen)  

2. Press and release the  button until “Screen” is highlighted. 

3. Press and release the  to expand the Screen Menu. 

4. Press and release the button until “Contrast” is highlighted. 

5. Press and release thebutton to increase the Contrast, pressto decrease the Contrast. 

          • Press and release the  to save the adjustment and exit the Screen Adjustment Settings.  

         • Press  and release the  V | ESC button to cancel the adjustment and exit the Screen Adjustment Settings. 

6. Press and release the V | ESC button 3 times to exit the menu and return to the fish finder mode. 

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