The FishTrax™ 1X can be set to magnify the area around the bottom.  This is especially useful to reveal fish and structure close to the bottom that may not be visible during normal operation.    

To Turn the Zoom ON or OFF: 

1. Press and release the   button 1 time (MENU I will appear at the top of the screen) 

2. Press and release the button until “Depth Range” is highlighted. 

3. Press the    to expand the Depth Range Menu. 

4. Press and release the  button until “Zoom” is highlighted. 

5. Press thebutton to turn the Zoom ON, pressto turn the Zoom OFF. 

           • Press the  to save the adjustment and exit the Zoom Setup.  

           • Press V | ESC to cancel the adjustment and exit the Zoom Setup. 

6. Press and release the V | ESC button 3 times to exit the menu and return to the fish finder mode. 


Quick-Access to this feature is available by pressing the  button during normal fish finder operation.  Pressing the or thebuttons while in Zoom mode will manually adjust the Upper and Lower Limits.  Press the  button again to turn the Zoom OFF.  The Upper Limit will be displayed as “000” when the Zoom is OFF. 



When Zoom is set to On, the upper and lower Depth Ranges are automatically adjusted to keep the area above and below the bottom on the display.   

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