You can set the display on the FishTrax™ 1X to automatically adjust the display range to the water depth, or manually set it to lock the display in a specific depth range.    

Select AUTO to have the display automatically adjust the depth range for the detected water depth.  Advanced users may want to manually select 5, 15, 20, 30, 60, 120 or 240 ft to only see sonar echoes in those ranges. Keep in mind this locks the depth range of the display to this preset range and ONLY sonar returns from that range will be displayed.  


The Depth Range setting is an advanced feature.  For best results it should be set to AUTO.  Only change the setting if you are only interested in sonar echoes in a specific depth range.  In manual operation, if the water depth is greater than the depth range setting, the bottom will not be visible on-screen.   

To Adjust the Display Range: 

1. Press and release the   button 1 time (MENU I will appear at the top of the screen)

2. Press and release thebutton until “Depth Range” is highlighted. 

3. Press the    to expand the Depth Range Menu. 

4. Press and release thebutton to highlight “Depth Range” 

5. Press thebutton to increase the depth range,to lower the the depth range. 

         • To set to AUTO, pressuntil Auto is displayed between the triangles. 

         • Press the   to save the adjustment and exit the Depth Range Setup.  

         • Press  V | ESC to cancel the adjustment and exit the Depth Range Setup. 

6. Press and release the  V | ESC button 3 times to exit the menu and return to the fish finder mode. 


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