Should I see my bait on screen?

The guy beside me with a flasher shows bottom, bait and fish. I think the bottom may be featureless(flat sand) but I don't see my bait as he does his. There weren't many fish in the area when I tried my Hawkeye so I'm not sure if they register either.I tried changing sensitivity with no luck. The depth reading appears to be accurate according to line dispensed on bait.But I cuoldn't see my bait. Is this normal?

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    Bart Mason

    Bart here again. I spoke to sales at Cabela's and they told me the Hawkeye 's signal is not strong enough to see what I want to see. It is agood depth finder but not so good as fish finder.

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    Ben Ranes


    The F33P detects fish by sensing the air bladder in a fish. It has a specific density that can be differentiated for other objects. It will not show your bait, the bottom structure and weeds are represented by icons on the screen. They work great as a fish finder, it is more a matter of how the information in displayed.

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