D10D with transducer in-hull of 2011 Yamaha FX SHO Cruiser




  • Steve Chown

    Any chance you have a photo of where you installed the display on your SHO? I just ordered one and am undecided on where to drill a 2" hole!!

  • Dale Owens

    I'll take pics today and post them this afternoon.  I didn't drill a mounting hole. I ordered the "Boat Mount Depth Finder Surface Mount Bracket " ($19.99). I did drill a small hole for the cable. I couldn't get it routed through the existing cable holes in the hull.  Opening was too tight and my arm wouldn't reach either.  I used 3M VHB adhesive tape for the mount. It's the same double-sided adhesive tape that's used on Go-Pro camera mounts.  A hairdryer will loosen the VHB tape if you ever want to remove it.

    This worked fine for me.  It stayed in place on a 300 mile trip that included rough bay water near Charleston SC.

  • Dale Owens

    I stopped by the hangar on the way to work and took photos. I added a small on/off switch to the housing of the mount. I didn't want to cut into the waverunner's cables.  I bought the switch at a local auto parts (Advanced Auto I think).  Not pretty but it's out of the way and works fine... and no extra holes in my waverunner.

    Good luck.  If you're interested in the switch, I'll take it apart and post photos.

  • Steve Chown

    That's awesome!! So glad you posted pics!! I just ordered the mount as well. I'll post mine up when I'm finished. I' may just wire a connector to mate with my battery tender pigtail and just unplug it when I get home and plug in my tender.. Still undecided on a switch.. Yours looks great!!

  • Dale Owens

    Sorry, one more.

    http://gopro.com/support/articles/how-to-purchase-adhesive-material-for-mounts.  Go Pro says the adhesive tape is "2.5 mm Double Sided Tape and the 3M part number is 3M 4991 VHB".


    I bought a roll from Amazon




  • NMP Support Center

    Thanks for the great pictures and instructions Dale! We appreciate it!

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