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Mounting a depth finder on sailboats



  • Glenn Angelora

    how do you, and where do you mount depth sounders on sailboat hulls?

  • NMP Support Center

    You would need to try the in hull "shoot thru" installation in an area forward of the keel. You may also want to try a thru hull style transducer as many sailboat hulls are too thick for a shoot thru style to work.  You can email for more details.

  • Perry Whitmore

    I have hunter sailboat, my old puck (sounder) worked fine but reading unit failed due to rain and sun exposure.  I ordered a Hawkeye D10D depth sounder and wish I had known to try the new Hawkeye unit plugged up to old puck still glued in original position - this would have done the trick.  I struggled with gluing new puck into hull and getting consistant readings until I found 2 hour, two part expoxy (settled for quicker cure in first few attempts) now works great.  Do not underestimate the importance of correct glue.  Great service and support from Customer Service - Patrick.  Looking forward to avoiding the shallows.  P. W.


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