The LCD on my HawkEye In-Dash Depth Finder (DF1000D) is very dim, sometimes I can't even tell if it's on. I know it's on because I can hear the alarm sound when I turn it on.

If you have a first generation HawkEye In-Dash Depth Finder (DF1000D) the most common reason that an LCD starts to fade is extended exposure to direct sunlight. When those products were designed and manufactured, the techology to prevent LCD UV degradation was just not available.  Much like the plastic headlights on older cars, over time of extended direct UV exposure, the display would fade or yellow.  If you have an older generation HawkEye In-Dash Depth Finder  and do not have a cover for your vessel, we recommend that you install a HawkEye In-Dash Depth Finder Sun Cover (P/N: 1000-30).

All new generation HawkEye In-Dash Depth Finders are now built to withstand extended exposure to UV light.  In fact, we've designed them to withstand up to 7 years of continuous sun exposure.  However, it's still a good idea to use the included sun cover.  

If you have a display that has faded, we can upgrade you to the latest in UV protection for a discounted rate on the purchase price.  Contact customer support for more details.

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