D11S Performance On Py PWC

I have a 2000 Yamaha XL1200ltd. This machine has a reinforced hull, the hull is double-thickness. I tried 2 locations for in-hull transducer installation, but could only get readings if the water depth was under 6 feet and moving less that 8 to 12 MPH. I did find one spot that was not reinforced (single thickness), but this spot was only marginally better. Therefore, I concluded that in-hull mounting was not possible in this model. Since the transom is
very irregular (no flat areas) I had to fabricate a mounting bracket. I can send you pictures if you like. My question is this: I now get good readings in our local lake at all depths (up to 22 feet) up to about 40 MPH. Is this a reasonable maximum speed, or should it read well at higher speeds?

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    Bradley Stoakley

    The most that you can expect when transom mounting a transducer is 63 MPH, but this requires optimal conditions and a clean running hull. The intake grate and jet pump on a PWC create a considerable amount of turbulence, which in turn cause the performance degradation. There are a

    couple of things that you can do to improve performance: 1) make sure that you follow the instructions precisely in the operators manual, especially on pages 4 and 5, step 3. Make sure the front of the transducer extends at least 1/8th of an inch below the hull, and the transducer is on a

    slight angle as illustrated. make sure there are no strakes, grates, thru-hull fittings, etc between the transducer and the front of the craft.  Try this and see if your performance is improved.

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