Why is the bottom reading random, or appears as “---" on my In-Dash Depth Finder?


  1. The depth is less than 2.5 feet or greater than 200feet. Operate the unit under normal operating specifications and check to see if it is operating properly.
  2. If this condition occurs only at certain speeds, then a transducer adjustment is needed . Refer to the transducer installation instructions for adjustment procedure.
  3. Under certain circumstances the DF1000D may not perform at the best of it’s ability. Extremely dirty water, very soft bottom, high speeds, deep water, or a combination of the above will result in incomplete or inaccurate readings. Please refer to the transducer installation instructions to minimize the effects of these conditions.
  4. Check the transducer cable connection on the back of the unit. Make sure that the connection is made as per the instructions in the transducer wiring section of this manual.
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